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Visual Media Service Virtual Research Environment

Visual Media Service allows users to upload visual media files on a server and to automatically transform them into an efficient web format, making them ready for web-based visualisation. It has been created to provide an easy-to-use service for publishing advanced multimedia content on the web, and it is open to all users. It is based on 3DHOP, and Relight a collection of tools and templates for the creation of multimedia interactive Web presentations of digital cultural artifacts.For all type of visual data, Visual Media Service adopts efficient multi-resolution representation schemas to handle complex dataset and to allow fast data download on internet and high-performance view-dependent visualization. ### Features: - Streaming, compression, multiresolution allowing for large, hi-quality models, Re-lightable (RTI) images, or high resolution images presentation over the web. - Configurable tools and interfaces can be adapted to the specific characteristics of the data. - Support for sharing of advanced visual resources among professionals in the Cultural Heritage community

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The SSH Open Marketplace is maintained and will be further developed by three European Research Infrastructures - DARIAH, CLARIN and CESSDA - and their national partners. It was developed as part of the "Social Sciences and Humanities Open Cloud" SSHOC project, European Union's Horizon 2020 project call H2020-INFRAEOSC-04-2018, grant agreement #823782.